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Date/Time 12 Jan 2021 14:27
Subject TFEX News :TFEX records 15 pct growth in 2020, aiming to develop new products and boost liquidity in 2021
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          TFEX News 1/2021
             January 12, 2021

TFEX records 15 pct growth in 2020, aiming to develop new products and boost 
liquidity in 2021

BANGKOK, January 12, 2021 - Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) reported a 
continuous growth in 2020, recording the annual trading volume of 120 million
contracts with an average trading volume at 494,624 contracts per day, a 15
percent increase from the previous year.

TFEX Managing Director Rinjai Chakornpipat said that 2020 was a challenging year
with the Covid-19 pandemic impacting global markets and volatility. TFEX's
total trading volume in 2020 jumped 15 percent to 120,193,573 contracts, in
conjunction with a 16 percent or 30,260 increase in the number of new trading
accounts to 217,073.

SET50 Futures was the most active product, accounting for 48 percent of total 
trading volume, followed by Stock Futures at 39 percent and Gold Online Futures
at 7 percent. USD Futures and Gold Online Futures increased significantly in
trading volume, surging 318 percent and 105 percent from the previous year to
11,536 and 33,366 contracts per day, respectively, due to increase in volatility
 and gold price. The open interest at the end of 2020 was 2,194,994 contracts.

In 2020, TFEX introduced several new products and services including launching 
Silver Online Futures and Japanese Rubber Futures, adding new 12 underlying
stocks for Stock Futures, extending trading hours for gold futures, adding
contract series of Gold Online Futures, and offering the daily delivery services
 of USD Futures.

TFEX will continue to focus more on product and service enhancement, especially 
liquidity of existing products and new product development. To align with new
normal behavior and cater to each potential target groups, more and more online
based education and marketing will be introduced in collaboration with member

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