Derivatives Investor Protection Fund (DIPF)

The Derivatives Investor Protection Fund, or DIPF, is a fund established by Thailand Futures Exchange Public Company Limited and certain member companies of Thailand Futures Exchange (brokers) that are registered as members of the Fund to ensure investors who trade derivatives through brokers who are members of the Fund that their property under the care of Fund's member brokers will be protected. Investors will be indemnified by the Fund under the criteria specified by the Thailand Futures Exchange.
Protection Conditions
Investors who are entitled to indemnification by the Fund are investors who are Thai natural persons, and juristic persons registered for incorporation in Thailand that are not institutional investors under the Derivatives Act B.E. 2546 (2003). Such indemnification may be in the form of cash or property traded on the Thailand Futures Exchange if the investor does not receive the property deposited with the Fund's member broker back in one of the following cases:
number1A Fund member and an investor engage in a civil dispute arising from trading of derivatives on the Thailand Futures Exchange and the arbitrator has considered and adjudged the dispute and granted an award ordering the Fund member to return the property to the investor and the Fund member does not comply with such an award; or
number2 A Fund member is subject to receivership under the law governing bankruptcy.
Protection Amount The Fund will indemnify each investor in accordance with the actual damage, but not exceeding Baht 1 million per investor per event covered, on a case-by-case basis.
Protection Eligibility
The Fund will provide available coverage for investors immediately after such investor opens a trading account with a Fund's member broker, without the investor having to apply for the coverage or pay any fees. Coverage will be effective as long as the broker is still a member of the Fund.

Procedures for Requesting Protection
If it appears that a Fund's member broker fails to return property to an investor as such member is subject to absolute receivership, or such member does not comply with an award of the arbitrator ordering the member to return the property to the investor, the investor may, by the method specified, file a request for coverage together with evidence to the Member Supervision Department, the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The investors can be confident in the transparency and fairness of the Fund's mechanism in providing coverage through the Exchange.