TFEX Membership

Member of TFEX

Only TFEX members are allowed to access the TFEX trading system. Currently the type of members is as followed.

TFEX Member Structure
Full License Member

  • Full License Members can trade all products listed on TFEX.
  • They can trade for their own account and also trade for their clients.
  • These members are required to obtain a derivatives agent license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before applying to be a member of TFEX.
Limited License Member

  • Limited License Members are able to trade derivatives contracts on TFEX for their own account
  • also trade for their clients
  • However, they are limited to the underlying under their licenses as issued by the SEC.
Trading Member

  • Trading Members can trade derivatives contracts on TFEX for their proprietary account only.
  • Trading Members shall provide liquidity for the contract as a role of market maker with the expertise on either Futures trading or underlying business.