“To be a derivative exchange offering broadest span of derivative products while also providing a fully integrated trading, clearing, settlement and depository services.”
To promote continuous growth of Thai capital market by aiming to be one of the best exchange in ASIA.
      Our goals are to provide investors, fund managers, financial institution and the general public with the necessary tools to manage their portfolio effectively. TFEX offers comprehensive product offering such as SET50 Index Futures, SET50 Index Options, Gold Futures, Rubber Futures, Currency Futures, Interest Rate Futures and Single Stock Futures. We are constantly developing new product that will benefit the current market. Recent development of TFEX to becoming a global derivative exchange includes Block Trading and Extended Trading Hours of Precious metals Futures.
2Diversity of Participants
      The diversity of market participants is very important for the derivatives market. A diverse group of market participants will help with liquidity and efficiency of the market. TFEX has continually host and co-host with many of our members in order to further educate institutional investors and local investor to better understand derivatives products. We have also work side by side with many of our foreign and institutional investor so that we may gain a better understanding from their perspective and therefore help ease any restriction they may have.

      Liquidity risk is the risk that you will not be able to sell an asset, or more generally unwind a trade, for an amount of cash close to its expected value at any given moment. We realize this and therefore we have several Market Makers who are our members and also institutional investors. The market makers play an important role in the secondary market as catalysts, particularly for enhancing liquidity and, therefore, for promoting long-term growth in the market.
4Education and Public Relations
      Making ourselves known to the public is one of our major goals. Here at TFEX, we adopt an approach strategy so that we may directly engage with our respective clients. TFEX along with its member have hosted many nationwide events such as seminars, Money Expo and SET in the city. These are all parts of our strategy to better educate both institutional and local investors.