Service Overview

TFEX Services
TFEX provides a comprehensive suite of services related to trading derivative products, including connectivity and information services, derivatives trading services for members, clearing and settlement services, and market infrastructure services, all of which adhere to international standards.

icn_service1Connectivity & Information Services
Co-Location Services
TFEX provides a co-location service for participants at the heart of TFEX data center that unparalleled latency can be enjoyed via the shortest physical connection. Services support the connectivity of trading, market data, and back office services in the derivatives markets (TFEX). 
Information Service
Information services offers access to TFEX data directly from exchanges with credible, accurate and easy-to-use information to address different usages such as real-time data, end-of-day data, and historical data.
icn_service1Trading Services
Front Office and Internet Trading 
Trading System for Derivatives support for both Investment Consultant (IC) and Investor
Direct Market Access (DMA)
Direct Market Access (DMA) is the trading method by which a member allows eligible investors to enter trading orders via their electronic Order Management System (OMS) which are then sent to the brokers’ infrastructure. Investor orders pass through the member's risk management system before being routed and queued in the TFEX trading system.
Algorithmic Trading
Algorithmic Trading is a trading software that can automatically create and send orders.
Derivatives Back Office
Supporting the development of the systems in accordance with the future changes in the rules and regulations as well as having appropriate and effective internal control system and security system.
e-Open Account System
Online Customer on Boarding
icn_service1Clearing and Settlement Services
Clearing and Settlement Services
TCH will become a counterparty (Central Counterparty: CCP) as soon as trading orders on TFEX are matched in the trading system, and will guarantee the clearing and settlement of all transactions on the Exchange.
icn_service1Member Services
Apply for Member
Only TFEX member are allowed to access the TFEX trading system
Apply for Trading
Connecting the company’s computerized trading system to the trading system of TFEX 
icn_service1SET Portal
SET Community Portal
SET Community Portal