Selling Agent or "SA"

is a local gold shop in Thailand who acts as marketing for brokers. Their role includes contacting the customer and also acts as an outlet for investor to open a futures account. Investor who are interested in investing in Gold Futures must first open an account directly with the brokers or they can open an account via an authorize SA.

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An authorize SA must be able to clearly explained the mechanism and the risk of investing in Gold Futures to the customer. They must also be able to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of the customer and give full assessment to the broker so that the broker can issue an appropriate credit line for the customer. After the application form has been approved by the broker, SA can place an order for the customer just like any broker can. The only difference is that the customer must deposit the margin directly with the broker and not with the SA.

Investors are highly encourage to make sure that they are dealing with an authorize SA. Since SA have a similar responsibility to broker, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated that a SA must have an appropriate and qualified staff. Furthermore, staff of SA that can place an order for customer must be a qualified trader and must have a derivative trading license. To see the complete and updated list of authorize SA please click below.

Selling Agent Gold Futures List  Group 6356555