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Privacy Policy

1. Definition


means Website service users


means Thailand Futures Exchange Public Company Limited


means provided by Thailand Futures Exchange Public Company Limited


2. General Details

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided for the purpose of clarification and management of the user’s personal information. Hence, once you have taken any action to enter this Website including opening any web pages contained in this Website shall be deemed that you accept the Privacy Policy as specified herein including all those specifically set forth in any part of this Website. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we may occasionally update or amend this Privacy Policy in order to comply with our services policy, the revised terms of service and rules of law without notifying or informing you in advance. Therefore, you should regularly check the Privacy Policy. We shall, nevertheless, publish the changes in relation to the Privacy Policy on this Website and, in an event of material change; we will try to inform you accordingly. On this basis, when you access this Website after the aforementioned changes occur, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and agreed to be bound by the revised terms and conditions as well as the revised Privacy Policy.


Furthermore, this Privacy Policy shall govern the registration of service, member subscription, the use of goods and services, and access to and use of content, features, technologies or functions contained in this Website as well as the applications and services related to our services on this Website, at present and which will be developed or provided in the future.



3. Data, Collection Methods, and the Use of Information

We collect information by various technologies such as cookies. Your personal information collected by us ("Personal Information") includes:


Information you provide to us directly: we will collect the information that you send to us such as
the information you entered when you registered your account, the information you provide when applying for membership, information on the activities participation on the Website, survey information, user’s account information or the information you have modified in your account or the information obtained from your contact with us or our team or the information obtained from other users’ accounts that we have a reason to believe that you are in control, including but not limited to, all information displayed on the user profile and registration or subscription page such as name-surname, address, date of birth, gender, age, photo, email, bank account number, credit card number (if any), identification card number, tax identification number, telephone number as well as information on users’ accounts, interests and all the comments you have added or uploaded on the Website (if any). These information shall be stored with the account.


Information obtained from your use of the service: we will collect the information about the services you use and how you use them, including but not limited to, the information of devices you use to access the Website, Computer Traffic Data (Log), contact information and communication between you and other users, and the information from using Website such as device identifier, IP address of the computer, device identification number, device type, mobile network information, connection information, geographic location information, type of browser, Website logging information, information recorded from your access to the Website, information of the website which entered by you before and after access to our Website (Referring Website), Website historical record, login log, transaction log, customer behavior, statistic of Website usage, access time, information on your search, use of Website functions, and the information we collect through cookies or other similar technology.



4. Use of Personal Information

We use Personal Information for the purpose of verifying or identifying your identity when accessing the system or our services and to check your usage on or interaction with our website or services for security development in relation to the use of services, management and protection of information technology infrastructure including increasing the efficiency in providing services to you as well as for any other related benefits, for example, we collect information about how you use our Website, which part of our Website that you visit, and how long you spend on certain pages. We then collect and analyze such information and evaluate the usage patterns and manners including modifying or taking any action for the studying, research, statistics, development of services and marketing or related advertising purpose. This includes content delivery, advertising, public relations, events and promotions as well as to provide appropriate advice relating to our services that matches your interests. Furthermore, to ensure that the use of service is in good order and in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and related regulation and terms of service and for the benefit of security systems development in the use of service, we may use Personal Information and/or arrange for random searches as well as conducting accessibility testing by others for the purpose of risk management, detection, prevention or removal of fraud or other activities that has a tendency to violate the relevant laws, rules and related regulation and terms of service, or Website’s terms and conditions of the use ("Terms and Conditions").


In addition, we may use your Personal Information to contact you by telephone, text message (SMS), email or postal mail, or through any channels to inquire or inform you, or to check and confirm the information about your account, or conduct the survey, or inform any other information related to our services as necessary. On this basis, if you communicate with us or our team, we assume that you hereby acknowledge and agree that your communication with us or your contact details may be recorded in any manner without further notice or warning.



5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose your Personal Information to any person without your consent. Nevertheless, for the sake of providing service in this Website, you hereby acknowledge and agree that we may disclose your Personal Information to the parent companies, affiliated companies, subsidiaries and subsidiaries of the same level, or partners who work with us or any other persons, both in and out of the country, such as the person we have hired to perform work related to Personal Information. Accordingly, your Personal Information will be used to further enhance our provision of various services to you or to improve and develop the service model and access to content on the Website, the security protection of website and network provided by TFEX or for the benefit of our business operation. By disclosing Personal Information to such persons, we shall ensure that those persons shall treat your Personal Information confidential and shall not use such information for any other purposes other than to the extent specified by us.



Additionally, we may disclose your Personal Information as permitted by the law, such as the disclosure to government agencies, public agencies, agencies responsible for supervising us or our services, or your regulator including in case of request for information disclosure by the law enforcement such as requesting information for lawsuit or prosecution, or request from a private agencies, or other third parties that are involved in the legal process. This includes information disclosure in an appropriate event necessary for the application of Terms and Conditions in relation to the use of our services as well as the information disclosure in case of restructuring organization, amalgamation, merger, sale of business. In such cases, we may transfer your Personal Information that we have collected, in whole or in part, to the related companies.



6. Security in the Storage of Personal Information

We have built a storage system for Personal Information with the appropriate mechanisms and techniques including restricting access to your Personal Information from our staffs, employees, and agents in order to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, destruction, or access to your Personal Information. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no errors or defects which may arise from the compliance with such policy. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny any liability for any damage or loss incurred in any event.



7. Access and Update Your Personal Information

You can always update your Personal Information and setting your information usage to be accurate, complete and up-to-date by logging in the system with your username (User Identification: User ID) and password. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to consider and may refuse to adhere to the requests that pose a risk of violating another user's privacy, infringing another user’s private rights or confidentiality, or refuse to comply in the event that what you log into the system cannot be practiced in any case.


In addition, if a request to delete your Personal Information from the system is made, such information may continue to be recorded or copied on our servers or backup systems to prevent information from unintentional changes, from being modified by unauthorized user or to back up data in an event of a fault, a failure, or a system crash or in an event of any action involving malicious intent of other persons or software.



8. Links to Websites, Products and Services of Third Party

Our Website may contain links to websites, products and services of third party. The third party may collect certain information about your use of the services which we cannot be held responsible for the security or privacy of any of your information collected by such websites, products or services of the third party. You should exercise caution and review the privacy policy of the websites, products, and services of the third party as well.



9. Application of Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Information we collect and you agree that we have the right to store, maintain, use and disclose to other people your Personal Information which have been collected by us (if any) as well as any Personal Information currently collected and to be collected by us in the future within the scope provided for in this Privacy Policy.




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