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Privacy Policy

1. Definition


means Website service users


means the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”)

In an event you access the various services through the Website serviced by the Companies in SET Group, the term “We” shall be defined as the Companies in SET Group who service the Website as the case may be.  


means website and/or applications serviced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand or the Companies in SET Group as the case may be.

In the case of applications, this Privacy Policy shall apply to applications which has been changed, improved, updated or added by the Stock Exchange of Thailand or the Companies in SET Group as the case may be unless such applications is governed by the terms and conditions separate from this Privacy Policy.
“Companies in SET Group” means companies established by the SET or subsidiaries of the SET in which the SET holds at least 50 (fifty) percent of the registered capital whether directly or indirectly.
“Personal Information” means information related to a person which allows such person to be identified whether directly or indirectly pursuant to the law on data privacy.


2. General Details

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided for the purpose of clarification and management of the user’s Personal Information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we may occasionally update or amend this Privacy Policy including that which is specifically provided in any part of this Website, whether in whole or in part, in order to comply with our service policy and the laws without notifying or informing you in advance. Therefore, you should regularly check the Privacy Policy. We shall, nevertheless, publish the changes in relation to the Privacy Policy on this Website and, in an event of material change, we shall inform you accordingly.


Furthermore, this Privacy Policy shall govern the registration of service, SET Member subscription, the use of goods and services, and access to and use of content, features, technologies or functions contained in this Website as well as the applications and services related to our services on this Website, at present and which will be developed or provided in the future.



3. Data, Collection Methods, and the Use of Information

We collect information by various technologies such as cookies which is a small piece of data contained in your device which allows the Website to store information on Website access or your use of Website on each occasion. Learn more about cookies. Your personal information collected by us (“Personal Information”) includes:


Information you provide to us directly: we will collect the information that you submit to us such as the information you entered when you registered your account, the information you provide when applying for SET Member service, information on the activities participation on the Website, survey information, user’s account information or the information you have modified in your account or the information obtained from your contact with us or our team or the information obtained from other users’ accounts for which we have a reason to believe that you are in control of, including but not limited to, all information displayed on the user profile and registration or subscription page such as name-surname, address, date of birth, gender, age, photo, email, bank account number, credit card number (if any), identification card number, tax identification number, telephone number as well as information on the users’ accounts, interests and all the comments you have added or uploaded on the Website (if any). These information shall be stored with the account.


Information obtained from your use of the service: we will collect the information about the services you use and how you use them, including but not limited to, the information of devices you use to access the Website, Computer Traffic Data (Log), contact information and communication between you and other users, and the information from the use of Website such as device identifier, IP address of the computer, device identification number, device type, mobile network information, connection information, geographic location information, type of browser, information recorded from your access to the Website, information of the Website entered by you before and after access to our Website (Referring Website), Website historical record, login log, transaction log, customer behavior, statistic of Website usage, access time, information on your search, use of Website functions, and the information we collect through cookies or other similar technologies.


On this basis, the details above are examples of information we may collect whereby only necessary Personal Information shall be collected and only for the duration necessary for its use as specified in Clause 4.



4. Use of Personal Information

We shall use your Personal Information for the following purposes:


  1. So that the use of service is in good order and in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations as well as ensuring compliance with the duties imposed by the laws and regulations related or applicable to us including, but not limited to, the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 (1992) and the Act on Commission of Offences relating to Computer B.E. 2550 (2007) both currently effective and to be amended or added in the future.

  2. For the purpose of verifying or identifying your identity when accessing the various services such as SET Member service.

  3. For the purpose of verifying your information on service use for security development in relation to the use of services, management and protection of information technology infrastructure.
    On this basis, we may use your Personal Information to the extent necessary and may put in place encryption before the use and/or arrange for random searches as well as conducting accessibility testing by others for the purpose of risk management, detection, prevention or removal of fraud or other activities that has a tendency to violate the relevant laws and terms of service, or our terms and conditions for the use of Website ("Terms and Conditions").

  4. For the purpose of increasing efficiency in providing the various services to you.

  5. For the purpose of contacting you by telephone, text message (SMS), email or postal mail, or through any channels to inquire or inform you, or to check and confirm the information about your account, or conduct the survey, or inform any other information related to our services as necessary.

  6. For other benefits related to our business operation such as for the benefit of study, research, statistics, development of services and marketing or related advertising purpose including content delivery, advertising, public relations, events and promotion as well as providing appropriate advice so that the services match your interests.

On this basis, if you communicate with us or our team, we assume that you hereby acknowledge and agree that your communication with us or your contact details may be recorded in any manner.



5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose your Personal Information to any person without your consent. Nevertheless, for the sake of providing services in this Website, you hereby acknowledge and agree that we may disclose your Personal Information to the Companies in SET Group, or partners who work with us or any other persons, both inside and outside the country, such as the person we have hired to perform work related to Personal Information so that your Personal Information will be used to further enhance the provision of our various services to you or to improve and develop the service model and access to content on the Website, the security protection of website and network provided by the SET or for the benefit of our business operation (“Information Receiver”). By disclosing Personal Information to such persons, we shall ensure that those persons shall treat your Personal Information confidential and shall not use such information for any purposes other than within the scope specified by us.



Nonetheless, in an event you believe that the person to whom we have disclosed your Personal Information above has used your Personal Information for any purposes other than within the scope specified by us, you can inform us so that we can take the necessary action. We recommend that you undertake inspection simultaneously whether or not you have used the website, goods or services of the Information Receiver because it is probable that the Information Receiver may have collected certain information related to your use of services from the use of the website, goods or services of the Information Receiver. In such situation, we cannot be responsible for the security or privacy of any of your information collected via the website, products or services of such Information Receiver. Thus, you should exercise caution and review the privacy policy of the website, products or services of the Information Receiver.


Additionally, we may disclose your Personal Information under the criteria prescribed by law, such as the disclosure to government agencies, public agencies, agencies responsible for supervising the provision of services, or your regulator including where information disclosure is requested pursuant to the law such as information requested for lawsuit or legal proceedings, or request from private agencies, or other third parties that are involved in the legal process. This includes information disclosure in an appropriate event necessary for the application of the Terms and Conditions as well as information disclosure in case of organization restructure, amalgamation, merger, or sale of business. In such cases, we may transfer your Personal Information that we have collected, in whole or in part,
to the related companies.



6. Access to and Updating your Personal Information


  1. In an event you do not wish to receive information and news from us:
    - Via telephone or text message (SMS) : please notify your intention via SET Contact Center: or 02 009 9999.
    - Via e-mail : you can click “Cancellation of Information Receipt” in the e-mail you received from us immediately.

  2. You are requested to complete the “Personal Information Request Form” and notify us via SET Contact Center: or 02 009 9999 under the following circumstances:
    - In an event you believe that we have collected your Personal Information and you wish to access or obtain details on your Personal Information we have collected.
    - In an event you would like to amend your Personal Information to be correct, complete and up-to-date.

    : In an event you use the SET Member service, you can change your Personal Information provided by you through the SET Member subscription by accessing the login system and then going to the menu “Members Corner” > “User Profile” in order to make the necessary correction and adjust any function setting by yourself.  

    - In an event you wish us to delete your Personal Information from our system or customer database.

    In an event you do not consent to us using your Personal Information or request us to delete your Personal Information from our system, you may be prevented from using our services or the services received by you from us may not be efficient as they should be.  

  3. We will use our best endeavor as far as the capability of the relevant work system permits to facilitate and comply with your request unless it appears that compliance with such request has the potential to violate the Privacy Policy of other users, the law, or the system security policy, or where compliance with the registrant’s request becomes impossible.

    Remark : If a request to delete your Personal Information from the system is made, we will use our best endeavor to delete your Personal Information from the system using the technology and capability of the current work system. However, such information may continue to be recorded or copied on our servers or backup systems so that it is backed up in an event of a fault, a failure, or a system crash or in an event of any action involving malicious intent of other persons or software as well as for use as evidence or compliance with the applicable laws.

  4. In an event you believe that our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information shall comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and you wish or have any query about the following rights of the data subject (data owner), you are requested to inform us via SET Contact Center: 02 009 9999:
    - Right to be Informed
    - Right of Access
    - Right to Rectification
    - Right to Erasure
    - Right to Restrict Processing
    - Right to Data Portability
    - Right to Object
    - Right not to be subject to a Decision Based Solely on Automated Processing, including Profiling


7. Security in the Storage of Personal Information

We have built and/or adopted a storage system for Personal Information with the appropriate mechanisms and techniques including restricting access to your Personal Information from our staffs, employees, and agents in order to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, destruction, or access to your Personal Information. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no errors or defects which may arise from the compliance with such policy. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny any liability for any damage or loss that occurred in any event.



8. Links to Websites, Products and Services of Third Party

Our Website may contain links to websites, products and services of third parties. The third parties may collect certain information about your use of the services and we cannot be held responsible for the security or privacy of any of your information collected by such websites, products or services of the third parties. You should exercise caution and review the privacy policy of the websites, products, and services of the third parties.



9. Contact Us

We have appointed SET Contact Center as a coordinator of the organization for the matters relating to data privacy.

In case you have any query or question regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact SET Contact Center via or call 02 009 9999.



10. Application of Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Information we have collected and you agree that we have the right to store, maintain, use and disclose to other people your Personal Information which have been collected by us (if any) as well as any Personal Information currently collected and to be collected by us in the future within the scope provided for in this Privacy Policy.



11. Applicable Law

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this “Privacy Policy” shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Thai law and the Thai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise.




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